Frank Ancona has been satisfying the refined taste of sophisticates worldwide with his elegant Fine Jewelry designs for many years. His studio and salon showroom, located on Union Square in San Francisco, is a place frequented by his loyal clientele when they wish to acquire or commission a special creation to attend the Opera or simply just to have.

Color is an important element in all his designs. Mr. Ancona's gemstones must pass the test of being imbued with a vibrant and visible charisma. He takes great pride when his clients call his designs their personal "talismans". Additionally, Mr. Ancona's settings are superb in quality and craftsmanship. "I design each piece specific to my client in order to enhance and align harmoniously with their persona." Clients who treasure Frank Ancona, collect his pieces in the same manner they collect art and antiques; as unique expressions of themselves. "Once you see his creations you must have one."

Frank Ancona began building his jewelry design reputation in his hometown, Kansas City. Upon his arrival in San Francisco, Frank became Gump's designer and created an exclusive Fine Jewelry Collection for the landmark store. His signature use of large gemstones, pearls and dramatic clasps as centerpieces are vied for by his admirers.